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    Igbo Studies Association Newsletter, Vol 1, No 1, Fall 2014November 8, 2014

    Dear Members,

    I am delighted to introduce the first edition of ISA Newsletter! I hope your semester is going well. I wish you the best for the rest of the academic year!

    I hope that you will enjoy this maiden issue of ISA Newsletter, which aims to keep you abreast of important issue and events concerning the association as well as our members. The current issue includes interesting articles, research reports and other activities by our members. The success of the newsletter will depend on your contributions in the forms of short articles and commentaries. We will also appreciate your comments and suggestions for future issues.

    The ISA executive is proud to announce that a committee has been set up to work out the modalities for the establishment of an ISA book prize/award. Dr Raphael Njoku is leading the committee and we expect that the initiative will be approved at the next annual general meeting.

    NKEIRUKA can be seen as an existentialist philosophy, which proffers that rather than to succumb to the absurdity of life, its drudgery and routinery, it is better to give it a meaning by confronting the challenges inherent in it, the least of which is not despair. That challenge is what will give life its essence, and therefore its meaning. We must transcend our human condition by fully engaging it. We cannot run away from our shadows.

    Indeed, indeed. But not forgotten. Indeed his light will continue to burn—and as the years progress, ever brighter. He leaves a great heritage. Tis a world heritage. May the ancestors welcome him to the High Table—Ohadike, Kalu, Adiele Afigbo and so many others—all will be there to lift him up; to laugh and to labour too for us left behind in this ever-troubled earthly firmament. And so he enters a glorious eternity. Powerful spirits with powerful messages for all humanity. We celebrate his spirit, and those of our brothers he now joins.


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