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    Professor Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, Keynote Speaker, 18th Igbo Studies Association Annual International Conference, Enugu, Nigeria

    Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, is a Law Professor, the Dean of Law, Faculty of Law, University of Nigeria (UNN) until 1st August 2020 and currently the Head, Department of Public Law. She specializes on human rights, public international law, in particular, the rights of women and children in Africa.  Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, the winner of the National Human Rights Award (2019) holds a Ph.D. (Nig.), LLM (London), LL.B. (Nig.), BL, Diploma, Peace & Conflict Resolution (Uppsala). 


    In just a matter of days, the world's largest gathering of scholars and professionals with research interests in all aspects of the Igbo life, language, culture, history, philosophy, media, communication, economy, politics, science, technology, law, etc., will kick off.

    Conference Theme: Akụ ruo ụlọ, O kwuo onye kpatara ya! (Wealth brought home speaks well of its bringer).

    Title of Keynote: Towards a Return of Igbo Intellect and Wealth to Igboland, or Environmental Development of Igboland through Pharmaceutical Research (Pharmacology): Identifying, Extracting, Purifying and Testing Local Medicinal plants for the Treatment and Cure of Human Diseases.

    Keynote Speaker: Emmanuel “Emma” Onua, Research Scientist, College Professor and Community Leader

    Keynote Synopsis:

    Throughout the course of history, civilizations have always developed a keen sense of “self” as they strive to overcome limitations, be they individual or environmental. Technological advancements have been achieved when individuals and institutions identified an obstacle, set a goal of overcoming such an obstacle, and worked toward finding a solution to the obstacle. Ndi-Igbo, a very enterprising people of South-Eastern Nigeria, epitomize the human ability to overcome obstacles and to thrive under immense challenges.


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