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    The Don Ohadike Book Prize of the Igbo Studies Association will be awarded annually at the ISA Annual Meeting to the author of the best book on Igbo or Eastern Nigerian Studies published in the previous calendar year. The cash prize amount shall be $200 and a plaque. In the event that there are co-winners, the payment will be equally divided amongst the co-winners. To be initiated in 2016, the award will be made possible by an initial donation of $500 by Professor Chima Korieh. 

    Recent weeks have witnessed xenophobic attacks on African immigrants in South African cities. The Igbo Studies Association (ISA) condemns acts of violence perpetrated against African immigrants, especially Nigerians many of whom are Igbo living in South Africa. These gruesome acts have resulted in deaths and injuries. Since the fall of apartheid in 1994, and in the post-apartheid ANC-led government, South Africa has enjoyed economic growth thanks in part to many immigrants moving to the country for job and leisure. However, just as in 2008, waves of xenophobic attacks that occurred in April 2015 have threatened the lives and wellbeing of African immigrants in the country. The ISA implores the government of South Africa to step up and protect the lives and property of immigrants who contribute to the cultural diversity and economic vitality of the country.



    Dominican University, River Forest (Chicago), Illinois, USA
    May 12-14

    The Igbo Studies Association (ISA) invites scholars and professionals working on all aspects of the Igbo people of Southeastern Nigeria to submit paper, panel, poster, and/or roundtable proposals for its 14th annual international conference to be held on May 12-14 at Dominican University, River Forest (Chicago), Illinois, USA. Through this annual event, scholars and experts gather to deliberate on diverse facets of the Igbo experience and explore ways of advancing the rich Igbo heritage. The conference theme for 2016, Ndi Igbo in the Global Context, is timely; it will give participants the opportunity to reflect on Igbo consciousness as well as the numerous economic, social, political, and security accomplishments Ndi Igbo have made and the challenges they still face both at home and abroad. The place of Ndi Igbo in Nigeria and the world today demands closer examination especially in the face of threats to their lives and wellbeing from xenophobia, ethnic conflicts, terrorism, economic anxiety, human and drug trafficking, investment dilemma, youth restiveness, educational crisis, brain drain, political violence and marginalization, kidnapping, and unemployment. This conference explores how Igbo indigenous cultural values, attitudes, and worldview could serve as a vehicle in constructing a more positive and meaningful relationship among Ndi Igbo and with their neighbors within and outside Nigeria.

    Released: April 20th, 2015

    The 13th Annual Conference of the Igbo Studies Association (ISA) was held at Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, from April 8th to 12th, 2015, with the theme: Oganihu Igbo: Strategies for Igbo Development. The conference was attended by scholars from universities and tertiary institutions, youth leaders, leaders of community organizations, media personnel, clergy, and professionals from the United States, Canada, Nigeria and South Africa.

    The conference opened with a special plenary roundtable session focussing on the 2015 elections in Nigeria and how the outcomes of the 2015 elections would affect the Igbo and development in Igbo land.

    Igbo Studies Association Newsletter, Vol 2, No 1, Winter 2015March 23, 2015

    Ndi ISA,

    Ekele dịrị ụnụ. Ọ bụrụ mụ onwe m nnukwute ihe obi añụrị iweputere ụnụ agba nke abụọ nke akwụkwọ mgbasa ozi ndị Igbo Studies Association (ISA).

    N’afọ 2014, anyị hiwere usoro ibipute akwụkwọ mgbasa ozi nke anyị kpọrọ ISA Newsletter na bekee. E bum n’obi ya bụ inye ndị ISA ọtụtụ uzọ dị iche iche ga-eme ka ọha n’eze mata ntọala, atụmatụ, na nnyocha ha na-eme na mahadum, yana ebe ndị ọzọ dị iche iche ha na-alụ ọlụ. Ekele m na-agara mmadụ niile gbara mbọ maka ịhụ n’anyị wetere ụnụ agba nke mbụ nke akwụkwọ mgbasa ozi a, n’ọnwa Nọvemba afọ 2014.

    Obi dị m ụtọ ibiputere ụnụ agba nke izizi ISA Newsletter nke afọ 2015. N’abga nke mbụ a, ụnụ na-enwete ụdịrị ozi dị iche iche. Anyị wetere ụnụ ozi maka akwụkwọ dị iche iche ndị otu anyị biputere ọhụrụ. Ụnụ ga-agụ edemede maka atụmatụ, yana ihe nnyocha dị iche iche ndị otu anyị na-eme n’ebe dị iche iche. E nwere ihe E.C. Ejiogu dere maka otu ọchịchị Mohammadu Buhari siri megbu ndị Igbo. Jonathan Chimakonam dere maka ochịchị n’ala Igbo. Kelechi Isiodu na-akọwa mkpa ọ dị ịna-ebipute akwụkwọ m’ọ bụ ịna-edegharị akwụkwọ n’asụsụ Igbo. Victor Williamson dere maka nyocha ọ naeme banyere iji Igbo na Yoruba ede ihe n’ama saịba.

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