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    ISA 2020 Election - Online Voting System

    We have received nominations for the vacant positions. The positions will need to be filled online, and officers will begin work for ISA thereafter for the 2020-2022 term of office. The current officers, except the President, have served only one term of the office and are therefore eligible for reelection for a second term for 2020-2022, and are available to stand election for a second term.

    Offices for election are:

    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • PRO

    To qualify to vote or be voted for, you must be a bona fide member of the Igbo Studies Association; in good financial standing. 


    In the election year, through the ISA listserv, the Chairperson of the Advisory Board outlines the basic format for making nominations for a candidate for the annual ISA elections for any number of Executive positions.

    At the ISA Annual Conference, the ISA Executive Committee meets to help steer the welfare of the Igbo Studies Association of nominating a slate of officers – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, and in the appropriate year members of the Advisory Board, Igbo Studies Review Editor, ISA Newsletter Editor and Program Director.

    All members also have constitutional rights to nominate from at large and be seconded in their nomination. This may be done in writing or may be informal when made to a member of the Executive Committee.

    All nominations will be finalized at the Annual Business Meeting with a contest and a vote per member for each position.


    The following three candidates were nominated for ISA President.


    Vice President

    The following three candidates were nominated for ISA Vice President.



    The following three candidates were nominated for ISA Secretary. 



    The following three candidates were nominated for ISA Treasurer.



    The following three candidates were nominated for ISA PRO.




    Your ISA membership must be renewed annually in order to remain active.

    • Regular Member (Renewal) - $50
    • Student Member (Renewal) - $30
    • Regular Member (New) - $75
    • Student Member (New) - $55
    • Life Member - $1000


    • Regular Member - $100
    • Regular Africa – $70
    • Student Member - $50
    • Life Member - $100
    • Non-Member - $120


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