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Every two years, we welcome in a new Executive Management Team to steer the affairs of our beloved Association. This tradition is good, for it allows fresh new blood to flow into the spine of the Association, assuring progress in our mission, objectives and goals to promote studies of Igbo language and economic, social, cultural, political, and technological development of Igboland. One year ago, I came into the office of President of the Association. What we have today is not one single individual’s victory, but rather the foresight, broad mindedness and vision of a whole enlightened group. During my inaugural address, I swore allegiance to the Igbo Studies Association and pledged to carry out its mission, objectives and goals. You placed a great responsibility on my shoulders, including living up to your expectations and, in word and deed being a mirror of your hopes, aspirations and dreams.

The three-day 15th annual meeting and conference of the Igbo Studies Association at the Greatwood Hotel, Owerri, June 8-10, 2017 welcomed attendees and participants of all walks of life from Nigeria, Europe, United States of America and Canada, and included students, educators, activists, university academics, independent scholars, community leaders, entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, clergy and nuns, and statesmen and stateswomen.